The Choir

by Cat Crazy

proof Caesar does play with toysWe’ve had remarkable cold and snow here in the last week.  Of course, the weather changes have brought along “snow sillies,” with the cats racing up and down the stairs playing tag and dragging their toys all over the house. The weather also seems to have gotten them to “talk” more and be more vocal.  This morning, even (normally quiet) Caesar is getting into the spirit of things. He has a toy mouse he seems to have “captured” and is running around the house calling out about his latest conquest. It’s times like this that I really wish I understood what they were saying.  Is he calling the rest of us in to see his “kill,” is he crying out in joy and play — the cat equivalent to a boisterous belly laugh — is he inviting his fellow meows to the hunt?

Over the past nearly 2 years, it’s been wonderful watching their personalities unwind from that terribly guarded state they arrived in and to hear them start to talk. All of my previous cats have been quite vocal with me, so I’m glad this group is finally feeling comfortable enough to do the same. One of the highlights of my days is during “breakfast” when they are trying to hurry the slow human along and help her focus on feeding THEM.  They set off this chorus of chirps and other little sounds while sitting nearby and staring intently at me. Each one of them has a slightly different pitch to their cries, and it’s so much fun listening to them talking while they remind me about what my focus should be at that moment.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.