Shuffle Puck with Breakfast Bowls

by Cat Crazy

IMG_1033You should see (cat) breakfast in my house in the morning.

First, they all chirp and sing and make a racket to ensure that my attention stays focused on them — not on the wild birds (whose feeders need filling) or the feral cat (for whom I put out bowls of food and water). I’m not even allowed to start water boiling for my coffee until I’ve attended to them. (Have I created this monster? I must have as they used to be so shy and quiet.)

I’ve learned that regardless of whether I put their soft food in 3 bowls or 1, they all eat out of the same bowl. Since I’m a practical human, I now use a single bowl.

Once it’s on the floor, Caesar hunkers down and starts eating (like a normal cat).

Fireball, usually positioned opposite or to the side of Caesar, puts a foot in the bowl and pulls it out from under Caesar’s mouth, sliding the food under his own mouth, where he starts eating.

Macaroni does the same thing to Fireball.

By then Caesar has walked a few inches forward and hunkered over the bowl again.

Mac also has a habit of sitting up (rather than crouching down like a normal cat), and hooking one of those crazy paws of hers into the food bowl. She scoops up food and eats it off her paws, dropping a bit of it as she goes. (No, she does not do floors, so clean up is my job, not hers.)

I laugh myself silly most mornings watching the food bowl move all around the kitchen floor as each one tries to pull it out from under the others to get a mouthful.

Of course, if I go back to 3 bowls, they still eat out of 1. They’re so entertaining.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.