Water-Bowl Wrangler – Part II

by Cat Crazy

IMG_0722And here is a puzzling update on our household fun with the water bowls — specifically, the downstairs water bowl, since the upstairs one doesn’t suffer the same indignities.

I’ve previously explained all about Mac’s fun little game with flooding the floor around the water bowl. She just loves to scoop water out of the bowl with one of her mitts and toss it on the floor.  Sometimes she drinks it, but mostly she seems to do it for play (and to annoy the human for some transgression so obscure as to be unaccountable).

Not only have I experimented moving the water bowl all over the place, and changing the kind of towels and placemats on which it rests, but I’ve also changed the particular bowl I was using too. After all, I’m trained in the scientific method!

When there was no respite to water antics with the heavy ceramic bowl (tinted light blue inside), I tried several sizes of stainless steel bowls with no change. She threw water out of them too.

Next I tried a white melamine bowl.  Same results.

After that, I tried a clear-glass bowl, figuring that would really confuse her.  Sure enough, I did get to see her sticking one, then the other front leg around the outside circumference of the bowl, grasping at air beyond.  I think the completely clear bowl really messed with her head. (Does that count as 1 point for the human?)  Regardless, I paid for my momentary victory as water once again was transported outside the bowl and dumped onto the floor.

Just when I was giving up on ever having a dry floor again, I tried a bowl I hadn’t used before:  a transparent cobalt-blue glass one.  Hmm, it’s been a week and no water has been flung onto the floor (despite the bowl’s immediate proximity to the crunchies bowl and the fact that it sits without benefit of a towel on the placemat).  I almost don’t know what to do with myself. What was the secret?

It’s not that the shape of this bowl is so different from the white melamine and clear glass ones, although they all are more slanted than the original heavy ceramic bowl and larger than the stainless steel ones.

Clearly color is an issue, at least with transparent bowls. But what is it about the cobalt color? Does it represent “water” to her more than another color? Or is she messing with my head and just giving the game a rest for a bit until I let down my guard?

Hmm, cats. Can’t live without them, but can’t always live sanely with them either.  Bah!

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.