A Toy Story: Part II

by Cat Crazy


Yes, this is an unretouched before and after shot of the famous “shakey” mice that Mac and Fireball favor.  Note the pristine shape of the bottom mouse and the tailless, eyeless, and mostly furless form of the lovingly played with upper mouse.  Not sure if the latter has had a dip or two in the water bowl and if that’s why its fur is missing, or if it’s just been flung about once too often, but they do love these toys.

Interestingly, Fireball favors the orange ones — and he’s a ginger tabby — and Mac favors the bright blue ones — she’s a tuxedo ( B&W) kitty.

No one really likes the green ones, but they will play with them if there are none of the others around.   The green ones do seem to get a higher ranking than the dull “natural” colored ones that Caesar favors. What can I say?

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.