Face Wrangler

by Cat Crazy

IMG_1061Fireball has the softest, most unusual fur I think I’ve ever felt on a cat.  His fur is short but slightly fluffy, and feels like chenille.  He also has white as well as black whiskers that are so curly, they actually partially wrap around the front of his head. He’s quite adorable in so many ways.

He’s been the most timid of my current 3 rescues.  Like the rest, he has his sad story.  Fortunately, he’s slowly coming around to the idea that humans can make quite tolerable pets, and their company can actually be reasonably pleasant — as long as they are sitting or laying down and not in motion. (Standing up and walking around humans are still pretty terrifying.)

It took about 4 months of me patiently but persistently trying to pick him up for hugs and pets for him to decide that the vegetarian wasn’t actually going to devour him. (It’s all those kisses he gets.) Now, he actually seeks me out.  He’ll come stealthily into my office while I’m intently pounding away at the keyboard.  He’ll stand up on his back feet, put his front paws on the edge of my desk next to my keyboard, and squeak at a pitch that should break glass it’s so high and plaintive.  That’s my cue to reach down and pet him, then pick him up for a cuddle.  (He knows just when I need a break from work.)

More recently, he’s also learned that a human is warm and can be quite pleasant to cuddle with in the cold and dark of early morning.  He usually will climb on top of me when I’m in bed and walk up to see what I’m doing.  In the bitter cold of last month’s and this month’s polar vortex, he’s been laying down beside me, allowing himself to be covered up with blankets, and falling asleep stretched out against me.  When it gets too warm under the covers, he crawls out and if I’m laying on my side, he climbs up on my pillow and curls around my head — quite literally.  Suddenly I find myself with a face in his soft belly, getting that fluffy red fur of his in eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.  He’ll often start grooming me, although he finds my long hair a challenge to wash.  And sometimes he rolls his head around on top of my head giving me a good nuzzle.  We’ll lay like that for 15 or 20 minutes. It’s a delicious way to begin the day.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.