Head Rollies

by Cat Crazy

IMG_0749My parents have a rescued Persian who is rather famous for her head rolling hand stands.  Until Mac came to live with me, I’d seen but never experienced head rolling in one of my own cats, other than an affectionate nuzzle and face rub on my hands.  But Mac is a champion acrobat, and apparently her sister does the exact same thing at her former foster mom’s, so maybe there is a genetic component to this behavioral trait.

The other morning, Fireball was doing this morning snuggle on my pillow, wrapping himself around my face. Mac, who always has to insert herself into the middle of the action, climbed up on top of my prone form and started doing her head rolling action.  The little comet didn’t like the competition, so got up and left.  Mac was facing my head with her head and doing her handstands when she got a little overbalanced and actually somersaulted completely over, crashing down onto my face, then losing her balance further and starting to roll off me. I caught her partway to the bed.  Whew, it’s amazing how much a 7 lb cat body in motion can hurt one’s nose so early in the day.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.