Happy 2nd Anniversary Kitties!

by Cat Crazy


Today is the 2-year anniversary of the first day Caesar, Fireball, & Macaroni came to my house to live.  I’m feeling wistful. They don’t seem impressed, although if they think they can get an extra snack out of me because of this observance, I’m sure they’ll try.

The first 2 weeks they lived here, each time I’d come into their bedroom to visit them, they’d hide under a highboy dresser.  All I could see were scared eyes looking out at me as I stuck my head on the floor and tried to coax them to come out.  Granted, the big guy would come out occasionally for a short visit, but then he’d retreat back under the furniture.  I actually sat and cried a few times wondering what I’d gotten myself into.  Animals and human children generally adore me. It’s only adult humans that usually are the problem.  I wasn’t used to animals being scared of me — particularly after they’d met me a few times.


Well, over the last 24 months, we’ve come a long way baby! I’m so grateful that their foster mom was willing to give all 3 of them up for me.  As you’ve noted if you’ve read much of this blog, as they’ve grown less timid, their distinct personalities have emerged.  They are each quite sweet, funny, challenging, and precious. I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.