Phenomenal Pheasant

by Cat Crazy


My fur friends are really big fans of birds — not only the kind that come to the window feeders each morning and entertain the cats and me, but the kind they eat.  They love chicken and turkey, but they really love duck and boy are they starting to adore pheasant.

Recently, I found a new form of freeze-dried raw food patties that I’m feeding them for “snacks.” Instead of paying $10-$12 USD/2.2 oz as I’d been doing for freeze-dried cooked turkey breast (in which the company has started adding soy sauce and carrageenan, a known inflammatory agent), with this new brand I’m getting 3 times as much for about the same price, depending on flavor.  We just finished a package of duck this week and they thoroughly enjoyed it.  Last time I’d been in the pet-supply store, I’d spent the extra money to try pheasant and we just opened that package the other day.

To keep the food fresh (and since I long have been zip-lock challenged), I usually move the patties to lidded plastic containers that I can close tightly to keep out unwanted air. However, these generous 6 oz bags fill up a bit more than 2 containers and I didn’t have a 3rd one handy. Hence, I did my best to close the zip-lock strips, then rolled up the bag and tucked it back into a location on a shelf near where they get their snacks at night.

photo 2Two mornings in a row, the nearly empty bag has been found on the floor. No one yet has figured out how to get into the bag; so far there are no fang marks indicating entry attempts — something that frequently happened with my previous crew.  However, it’s clear one or more of the kitties knows where the bag is and has been attempting to retrieve it so as to give him/herself some extra snacks.

Hmmm, apparently the two-legged isn’t being generous enough. Needless to say, the dim-witted human finally has moved the bag much higher on the shelves.  So far so good. Wish I could say the same about the water bowl.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.