Recovering Lost Treasures

by Cat Crazy


It’s only early March and I’m already pining for spring and the ability to put my jungle of houseplants out on the deck for the warm weather.  Sure, I’ll quickly be complaining about the heat and humidity, but it will be wonderful to have so much extra space to move around in my house without having to skirt big plants and plant stands. It’ll also be nice to give my vacuum a break from having to suck up plant leaves, which quickly clog the equipment.  However, my 4-legged friends will be excited for an entirely different reason.  Once the plants go outside for summer and fall, the human retrieves 6 months’ worth of toy mice that have gone down into the air-return ducting for my furnace. Fortunately, they only fall a foot or two, so they are easy to retrieve once the plants are out of the way.  Above is a cache of 9 toy mice that I retrieved last May when the plants went outside. It’s like getting several new packages of toys for them.  And for 6 more months, it’ll be easy to find the toys should they make a return visit to the duct work.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.