Sassy Caesar

by Cat Crazy


Once upon a time, the Big Guy as silent as stone.  He didn’t make a peep.  He even purred quietly.  Despite the presence of the rambunctious duo, he didn’t seem to think it was okay for him to be more vocal.  However, somewhere along the way over the past 2 years, Caesar has put aside his mute ways and has become so talkative that he’s downright sassy. This is especially the case  in the early morning hours when the human is stumbling around in the kitchen trying to get them their morning food and snacks, feed the outdoor birds (a great source of entertainment for all of us), and prepare the sacred coffee beverage that helps transform her from a zombie into a fully functional creature.  Before, there were 3 of them chirping a few notes while looking at me intently — perhaps their attempt at exerting mind control to help me focus?  Now Caesar sets up a steady stream of chatter and — let’s call it what it sounds like — bitching, while pacing around and looking over his shoulder at me.  I can almost imagine him saying, “Hurry up, move it, never mind mashing the food up, never mind waiting for the freeze-dried food to re-hydrate, get along, I’m hungry…” He also chirps all the time now, particularly when he’s tossing around one of those soft-bite grey mice, and his purr finally matches his size.  It’s great to hear the big guy cutting loose.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.