Boneless Chicken Ranch

by Cat Crazy

IMG_0215Being old as dirt, I remember a great Far Side comic from the late-’70s or early ’80s that showed the entrance to a “boneless chicken” ranch.  All over the ground was a collection of flat chickens who flopped and flailed about, since they had no bones.  I think I have a variant of that unique species living with me.  You’ll have noticed from many of the photos on this blog that Macaroni, the tuxedo female, is forever shown flopped across one or both of her “brothers.”  That’s just what she does too. She walks over to one of the kitty beds populated with another feline and she just falls on top of him.  She does the same thing to me when I’m reclining in bed. She walks over, stands beside me for a moment, and then just falls forward onto me.  It’s the oddest thing.  Then again, she is a very unique and colorful kitty.

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