by Cat Crazy


Well, Mac decided to punish the human this morning.  The two-legged refused to let her down into the cellar.  When the four-legged is denied what she wants, a catastrophe soon follows as she takes her frustration out on various objects in her environment.

It started innocently enough:  she decided to trim an errant plantlet off the bottom of one of the spider plants.  She pulled quite hard.  That caused the plant and its large pot on its tall plant stand to start to wobble and begin to pitch forward.  As the plant stand moved, it caught and spun an adjacent plastic plate on which a large pot of cacti sat, pitching the pot over so that it landed completely upside down on the floor.   All three meows came to investigate. Hmm, a whole pile of damp soil. How interesting!

The properly chastised human put on leather gardening gloves and gingerly repotted the cacti.  The unrepentant feline smirked and watched.  That’ll show her!

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.