March (Water-Bowl) Madness

by Cat Crazy

water bowls

The silly human, ever on a quest to understand the inexplicable behavior of her feline captors, came across an article from a cat behaviorist this week. Subject of the story was reasons why cats throw water out of their water bowl. Key takeaway was that this is often caused by a bowl that is too small (in diameter), as cats don’t like putting their faces in small confined areas and bending their whiskers. That seemed to make a lot of sense, so off the human went to find the widest soup bowl in the house to try it out.

Within 5 minutes of filling the larger bowl with fresh filtered water and putting it on the floor, the Mermaid was back at her watery antics.  She had a great time with the extra volume of fluid in the bigger bowl and flooded the floor (and the cloth underneath) very effectively. Drats, another great idea down the drain.

The human moved the water bowl to see if a different location made any difference. Nope. Same effect. Same large flood. Double drats.

Since yet another well-considered theory from a cat expert has been dashed, why give the splashy beast more water to play with, so back to the stainless steel bowl we went this morning.  Of course, within 5 minutes of putting it on the floor, Splashasaurus regina returned in full form.

So many bowls, so little behavioral modification.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.