Hunter Kitties vs. World’s Best Kitty Fishing Pole

by Cat Crazy

photo 4

Ages ago (circa 2000), I happened across a pet store where they also rescued kitties.  They had the absolute best toys — clearly, picked by the cats or by staff that really understood what made kitties tick.  One of the best toys I’ve ever purchased for my cats came from that store. It’s a kitty “fishing pole” made of a real fiberglass rod, a nice wooden handle, a very heavy navy line and, at the end,  a now very-tattered piece of denim fabric.  You can really snap the toy around and make the denim cloth “dance,” so it’s really irresistible for our obligate carnivore friends. The packaging stated that the toy was designed and made by an unemployed man in Appalachia.  Whomever that person is or was, he also really understood cats.  The toy is so well made, it has survived my previous 6 and is now being enjoyed by my current 3 felines.  Every other “fishing pole” toy I’ve ever purchased for the meows has bent or broken or been torn to shreds by very enthusiastic hunter kitties. However, this one is still functional and in use almost 14 years later.  Now that was $20 USD well spent!

photo 4


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