Little Pink Mouse

by Cat Crazy

photo 4

I picked up some new toy mice the last time I was at the pet-food store.  It’s always risky spending money on cat toys, but these were adorable and only $0.50 USD each, so I figured the risk/reward ratio was low.

photo 2

They have turned out to be quite durable and are getting a lot of play time with Mac and Fireball.  Interestingly, these mice seem to have much thicker cord tails.  Despite her best attempts to chew them off, Mac has so far been thwarted.

photo 3

She has had all kinds of fun running around with them in her mouth and flipping them all over the place. She seems to favor the kitchen, and courts disaster by chasing them around on the floor near the stove. Quite often the toy goes too far under the bottom of the appliance for her forearms to retrieve, so it has to be rescued by the human. On the other hand, if you can get a human down on his/her knees in front of you, that’s a real sign of mastery if you’re the cat.

photo 5

Also interesting is the fact that so far, these mice aren’t getting lost as fast as their predecessors have.  They seem to last several weeks, whereas the infamous “shakey” mice are usually missing in action within 2-3 days. And, yes, at least one of them has gone into the water bowl, and then been offered as a gift to a friend who was visiting.  Such thoughtful cats.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.