Carrot & the Comet

by Cat Crazy

photo 5The little Comet (aka Fireball) has a new favorite toy. It’s shaped like a carrot, replete with a green fluffy feather that looks a lot like the foliage on a real carrot — and is surprisingly still attached.  The toy is stuffed to the gills with super pungent catnip.  He likes it so much that on the first night, when I took it out of the package and put it and several more fluffy mice down on the floor for the three carnivores, he grabbed it and ran off in a corner to kick the dickens out of it. He definitely took a trip without leaving the farm and left the toy soaked from his persistent washing. (No, it has yet to take a dunk in the water bowl. Please don’t even think such thoughts as he might hear it and get ideas.)  That night, I couldn’t fall asleep for several hours because the Comet was so charged up and so pleased with his new toy, that he ran up and down the stairs and made that odd bleating chirp they make when they have prey.  You can see the deep puncture marks the toy has already suffered.

photo 4

I’m not sure any of the other ferocious felines have managed to wrack up much time with this toy, as Fireball seems to carry it around with him wherever he goes.  It’s nice to actually find some kind of toy that I spend good money on and they actually play with and enjoy.  Guess I should go back and get a couple more of these while they’re still on sale.  They have two others that were once similarly stuffed with super pungent catnip. Those toys — one a yellow half-moon and the other a big red apple — are now very limp, as their stuffing has been reduced to little more than dust.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.