My Kitties…Mine!

by Cat Crazy

photo 3

The Big Guy is the most affectionate male kitty I’ve ever met — at least in terms of how he treats other cats.

He would be considered quite affectionate if he were a female and if the Two Mischiefs were his grown kittens, but of course they aren’t related at all.  When they first came here, he literally cuddled them and groomed them and calmed them down as they fretted about what this latest change of home and human could mean to them.  He apparently groomed all the rescue kitties at his foster mom’s home as well. Now he takes good care of the Mermaid and the Baby Comet as you can see from these photos.  It’s quite common to see one of those big paws protectively draped over one or the other of the younger cats as though he were saying, “This is my kitty, mine!” On the other hand, he gets to dangle a paw even while establishing ownership or dominance or expressing affection or whatever it is he is doing.


Of course, when the little ones get a bit out of hand, which is frequent, he’s also there to wrestle them to the floor and wash their fur backward, creating what a friend calls a “reverse Mohawk.” When he does apply this lick of love, their fur stands up in odd little cowlicks all over their body all day. His saliva seems more potent than Crazy Glue.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.