Another Change of Tactics

by Cat Crazy

Well, the Mermaid has found a new way to annoy the human. She has switched tactics again.  She hasn’t really flooded the water bowl in a few days, but what she is doing every morning is tipping over the paper bag that holds recyclables until they are ready to be carried out to the big wheeled bin beside the garage.

I think it started innocently enough…she was batting around one of her new fluffy mice and simply hit it too hard into the then-barely-full paper bag, which toppled over with a good hit.  However, now that she knows that hitting the bag low and hard will tip it over, she delights in overturning it and spilling papers, aluminum foil, plastic bottles, and more all over the floor.

She’s such a little vixen, but an entertaining one at that.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photo my own.