by Cat Crazy

photo 4

This is the little red bee looking his usual adorable self.

He really is aptly named:  he streaks from room to room like a little meteor.  He’s a fast moving, perpetual-motion machine…except when he’s not and he’s flopped down exhausted, able only to move his eyes.

He chirps a lot, and he’s a big fan of  “hit & run” snuggles with the humans.  He’ll quietly walk up to you and then softly bang into your leg as he brushes on by.  If you’re quick, you might get a tail pet before he’s off to something more interesting.  In the middle of the night when you’re fast asleep, he’ll bounce onto the bed to say hi. He strikes the surface once, lifts off and chirps mid flight, lands on your stomach (ooooffff), then returns to the floor where he is immediately off again looking for more adventures.

When he does slow down and does want attention, he’s the ultimate cuddle buddy. He literally wraps around my throat or around my head and sings and sings. He’ll curl up under my arm, lay his head upon my shoulder, and snuggle up tight. When it gets too warm next to the human and under the blankets, he’ll stretch his forelegs out and drape himself half on me and half on my pillow.  His fur is so incredibly soft and fluffy, and it really does feel like chenille. And for a little guy, he’s got a big, big motor.

I can’t seem to get enough calories into him to fill out those pretty red striped pajamas he wears that always seem a size or two too big. It’s certainly not that he doesn’t eat. Quite the contrary.  I affectionately call him my little red Hoover.  He inhales his food so fast I can’t believe he’s even able to taste it. Then he runs over to see if there is anything his “siblings” have left. If they have, he’ll make quick work of it. Caesar used to be a slow eater, but no more. Even Mac has learned to grab tasty bites and run elsewhere away from the vacuum on four red legs.  In fact, if he’s hungry and the human is nearby, he’ll let out a plaintive cry. If that doesn’t immediately lead to food in front of his face, he’ll drop his voice an octave or two and proceed to chastise the silly uncooperative two-legged.

He often follows  his “brother” Caesar around, copying everything the big guy does.  However, when his “sister” Mac tries to copy what he’s doing, he leaves in disgust. Do what I say, don’t do what I do.

Fireball is serious and purposeful. He’s neither the goofball comic his sister is, nor is he interested in playing the manager and peacemaker roles taken up by his brother.  He’s his own unique little self and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.