Tail Chaser

by Cat Crazy


This is a Mac Attack!  Like a teen unable to control herself, Mac loves to chase tails.  She’ll flop down in one of the kitty beds or on top of me and chase her own tail round and round until I get dizzy watching her.  If Caesar is near by, his tail will be attacked, especially since that gorgeous tail of his is so big and it seems to be perpetually in motion. Mac really can’t help herself.  She watches it wiggle for a few moments, her eyes get big, and then she pounces with teeth and claws out.  Caesar, for his part, seems to have a very sensitive tail. He jumps up, one of the big paws goes up in the air as though he wants to strike the little miscreant, then his better angel gets control and the paw comes down. He huffs loudly to signal his indignation, then turns and leaves. This goes on night after night. Then we wonder why water gets shoveled out of the water bowl all over the floor? Harrumph!

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.