Spit like Cement

by Cat Crazy

photo 4All 3 kitties groom each other on a daily basis, but no one grooms the others more than Caesar. However, I find it quite amazing that he frequently grooms his subjects against the direction in which their fur grows.  Interestingly, his spit must have some kind of powerful sticking properties, as once he’s given Fireball or Macaroni a “reverse Mohawk” hairdo, their fur stands upright like that for hours.  It adds new meaning to the term cowlick.

photo 2

Not easy to photograph, several examples of Caesar’s styling work are shown here.

photo 3

I kind of wonder if the reason Fireball sports the feature more often than Mac is because he pesters his big “brother” more annoyingly than the girly girl does.  With cats, who knows?  Guess I’m lucky that Caesar so far has opted not to groom my own hair.

photo 5


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.