Green Mouse Visits the Ficus Tree

by Cat Crazy

photo 1 (5)

I’ve previously mentioned that the kitties have definitely preferences in their toy mice.  The little cats like the shakey mice in wild colors, although they’ve recently become converts to the “sheeple” mice.  Caesar likes the quiet mice with the fake fur in more natural white and grey and black.  Unfortunately, to date the cats for the most part have totally ignored the toy mice that the human thinks are adorable:  the “fish” with their little metallic scales, the long rainbow-colored something-or-others with tails, and the bright-green spotted mice.  I guess I assume they’ll love anything stuffed with catnip and I guess they guess I’ll only buy them ones that are stuffed to the gills (or ears) with the super-potent strains of cat mint.  Nothing else seems to do.

Given their strong toy preferences, and their general refusal to play with the unappealing toys even when they’ve managed to lose all of the ones they like, I was quite intrigued last week to find that one of the adorable-to-me green mice had found its way downstairs and ended upside down in the potted ficus tree.  This is a sizable and tall pot that is a bit out of the way, so some skillful mouse-flipping skills had to have been employed to get the toy into this particular potted plant.  Hmm, does this mean they are becoming more open minded about what constitutes an acceptable toy?  Or does it mean they’ve given up on having any toy they like available to play with again? Apparently only the Shadow (and the kitties) knows.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.