Hospital Corners

by Cat Crazy


For those who have ever worked in a hotel or a hospital (this human has done both), you quickly learn to be very good and very fast at making a bed with “hospital corners.”  Maybe it’s changed, but in those days, no easy lower fitted sheets were available, and you had to create precise pleats and tightly tucked corners using flat sheets.  The finished product had to be tight enough that you could bounce a coin on the sheet.


Although I last worked in those environs well over 3 decades ago, I still like to make my bed this way.  However, I’ve since picked up some additional household helpers in the bed-making department. When I go to pull a sheet tightly to create the pleated corner, the fabric is usually attacked, kicked and bitten within an inch of its life, by at least one and often two fur people. This definitely slows down my bed-making work, but does bring many a smile and quite a few cute pictures to my morning.  Efficiency and tight sheets are overrated anyway.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.