by Cat Crazy

photo 5

Well, that didn’t last long.  The water bowl is back on the boot tray and has already been flooded several times this morning.  In fact, while I was eating my breakfast, no less, the Merkitty went splashing right in front of me. She flipped and tossed 6 or 8 times just to make sure that what she thought was in the bowl — water — was indeed that illusive substance. Once satisfied as to its efficacy, she settled down in a Merkitty crouch and proceeded to have a drink of water.

photo 3

The silly human has yet to make time to visit the petfood store to acquire a water bowl on an elevated stand, not that she thinks it will make any difference.  Once a Merkitty, always a Merkitty.  Nonetheless, yesterday the human found the Merkitty in an adorable position amongst pillows on one of the couches and did go searching for evidence of webbed feet.

photo 4

Instead, she found the same adorable white paws attached to black legs and outfitted with black and bright pink toe pads.  These cute feet, which cuff mice, mix blankets, scoop food, and splash water look so innocent.  No evidence was found that the Merkitty is really part water creature, but it must be there. The human just isn’t looking in the right place.

photo 1


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