So Far, So Good….

by Cat Crazy

photo 1


At the risk of jinxing things, dare I note that the new elevated water (and crunchies) bowl(s) are so far doing okay?  No sign of Splashasaurus.  I’ve even double-checked under the placemat just in case, but all is well.

Of course, this has happened before.  The human introduces something new. The Merkitty circles around and around and ponders the change for a few days to a week. Then she strikes, just at the point when the human has let down her guard thinking she’s finally solved the water-bowl problem.

This time of “doing nothing” is the Merkitty’s equivalent of the human putting down the clear water bowl — it messes with the 2-legged’s mind.  Yes, it’s a dangerous game we are engaged in, but it sure is entertaining.



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