Merkitty Explores New Scratching Post

by Cat Crazy

photo 3

The Merkitty is a really big scratcher.  She keeps those little scimitar-claws of hers honed razor sharp.  It was time to replace a scratching post we had upstairs, so the human proudly presented the Merkitty with her new scratching post last night. This one is much better and has lots more features than any of the previous ones.  It even has an adorable little kitty paw print on the back.


photo 1


So far, no one seems that impressed.  After all, the human spent $25 US on this “gift,” so therefore, the proper cat response is to act bored.  Silly human looking for cat approval.  NOT!


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.