Merkitty & the Unicorn

by Cat Crazy

photo 1

Well, the Mermaid girl has a new cuddle buddy.

One of my friends still remembers that I used to like unicorns when I was far younger than I am today. Recently, she sent the kitties some snacks and me a little stuffed unicorn toy, which I had had sitting on my desk.  Mac found the toy and started nuzzling it, so I moved it to her kitty bed in my office.

photo 4

She’s been snuggling with the unicorn of late, who stands guard while she grabs a little shut-eye. I’m happy to report that thus far she hasn’t tried to chew any of the unicorn’s appendages off. The same cannot be said for her own toys….  And note the cute pink and black toe pads? Alas, those adorable yet mischievous feet are not webbed.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.