Takin’ a Trip without Leavin’ the Farm…

by Cat Crazy

photo 1

There used to be a funny song when I was young extolling the virtues of “the wildwood weed.”  I think  the same thing can be said of catnip.  All my previous kitties were big aficionados of cat mint — so much so that I used to buy it in 1-pound tubs. Many of the previous crew were known for being able to figure out where the white plastic container resided on a shelf. They’d climb up and knock it down, then set to work on it. While they never did figure out how to get the tight-fighting plastic lid off, when I’d get home there would be chew marks all over the container (which did nothing for keeping the stuff fresh).  Interestingly, that group much preferred dried to fresh or frozen.

photo 3

When this crew arrived, they weren’t all that interested in catnip — unless it was the super-potent kind in certain cat toys.  The tiger boys eventually became big fans, but the Merkitty has only recently come to appreciate the benefits of “takin’ a trip without leavin’ the farm.”   Those green blurs are fresh leaves from my garden (picked only a few minutes before) that she hasn’t yet consumed or flattened by rolling on them.

photo 2

Well, at least her feet were dry for a few minutes today… Happy Merkitty!


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.