Kitty Weights

by Cat Crazy

photo 4

In the old days, humans fashioned fancy objects out of metal and glass and used them to hold papers down so they didn’t blow away in a breeze — the challenge of needing to keep windows open most of the year to regulate building temperatures.

My cats have their own version of paperweights.  They climb on top of the recumbent (and often sleeping) human and flop down. Maybe they think of their person as something akin to a lumpy piece of furniture.  Or maybe they think that if they don’t hold her down flat, she’ll decide to get up and go somewhere else. Then where would they find a soft, warm, comfortable perch on which to lay?

(Hard to put this shot into perspective, but it’s Fireball and Macaroni on top of my throat and chest first thing in the morning.  Not so easy to breathe, particularly since when they’re this close it means cat fur is getting into my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, but you can’t beat the purr songs and the head rollies first thing in the morning.)


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.