Goo Goo’s Grand Adventure

by Cat Crazy

IMG_0576Well, Mac, the Goo Goo Girl, had another fine adventure yesterday.

It started off hot and humid, so I had the door that leads from my living room onto my porch opened up to try and cool off the house and dissipate a bit of the humidity.  Since the porch is screened-in floor to ceiling with a double layer of hardware cloth and galvanized fence wire, there’s no way for the cats to get out or for other critters to get inside. However, because I have landscaping beside the porch, the cats have access to fresh air and nature sounds.  They love to crouch in the shadow of trees and big shrubs while they track the progress of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other creatures through my yard.  Screening in the porch was my father’s idea  last time he visited in 2000 or 2001 and it has proven a fabulous gift for my previous cats and my current crew.

Mac of course went outside to have her “outdoor” adventure on the porch.

Later in the day, a big thunderstorm came up, so I shut up the porch door and went upstairs to visit with the kitties.

It was only late that evening after I’d been in bed trying to fall asleep for a while that I realized I hadn’t see Mac in many hours. I went out on the porch in the dark and called and called. Being a minx, she of course gave no indication she was out there. I did the same thing with the cellar, but no response there either. Finally, I went and fetched a flashlight and trundled out to see if I could find here. Sure enough, there she lay in a big block of foamed styrene that sits inside a plastic bag and creates just the perfect little cubby for her to stretch out in.

Now when Mac has been off on her own “hunting” for a while, she quickly reverts back to “wild kitty” mode.  She hissed at me as I retrieved her and brought her in the house, shutting the door behind me.  And because I had interrupted her grand adventure, I got no kitty hugs or bed-side visits the entire night. (On the other hand, she missed her evening snack with the Tiger Boys, so maybe we’re even.)

This morning, she was quite chirpy and cuddly again. I guess her feral phase has passed. She seems to be catching up on her sleep today.

Oh, and dare I mention that we’ve had very little splashing from the water bowl this week?

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.