Tiny Bells

by Cat Crazy


Not long after the kitties arrived, I purchased 3 of the cutest cat collars for them.  They were the safe breakaway versions that cats can get out of if they get hung up on something…like their own paws.  And each of the collars had a tiny little bell. I’d used the same kinds of collars for decades with two previous families of kitties, replete with a little ID tag so if they ever got out, someone would know whom to call to report that they’d turned up.  Confidentially I unpackaged each collar and went in search of the kitties.  I only managed to get a single collar on a single cat. You’re seeing one of the extremely rare pictures of Mac wearing her pretty collar.

Interestingly, because every time Mac moved, the collar jingled a bit, the Tiger Boys very quickly grew afraid and would run when they saw her coming, jingling along the way.  Mac did manage to stay in her collar for 2 weeks, but I guess she grew tired of being shunned by the far more timid Tiger Boys. Eventually she popped her collar off and I didn’t put it back on.  I thought I would take the bells off and give the collars another chance, but I never got around to it, and they have since disappeared to who knows where.  In the meantime, every cat toy I’ve brought home that contained a tiny tinkling bell has terrified the cats. They absolutely positively won’t play with it and if I toss it on the floor, they run to the 4 corners of the room and hide under some kind of furniture.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.