Put Your Hand there at Your Risk!

by Cat Crazy

photo 1

The Big Guy and I have developed a new game.  Each morning as I try to make up my bed (with 2-3 cats sprawled out on top of the covers, attacking anything and everything that moves), I playfully wiggle my fingers in front of those big Caesar paws.  At first, he just looked at my quizzically.  <<What is that human doing? Ah, she’s trying to distract me so she can pet my paws. Best to keep them hidden.>> Next he got curious enough to sniff my hand.  Since I exercised tremendous restraint several days in a row and did not pet his paws, he let his guard down.

photo 4

Eventually, the Big Guy got into the spirit of the game and each time I’d wiggle my fingers in front of him, he’d take a playful swipe at me.  The other morning, I both pulled on the covers — and irresistible treat for all the cats — and I wiggled my fingers.  The Emperor threw himself forward with great enthusiasm, actually sliding across the sheets, and got to the hand tugging the sheets faster than I could withdraw it.  Ouch!  Those were not entirely fully sheathed claws.

photo 5

We’ve been playing this game all week and I have the battle scars on both hands to prove it.  He’s not doing it to hurt me, but once he gets his play on, his excitement does tend to take over.  <<Silly human!>>  But who could resist such big soft paws?  Pas de moi!


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.