Squirrel Patrol

by Cat Crazy

photo 1

A couple of years ago, the road in front of my old farm house was torn up all summer for a major construction project.  With all the humans and excavation equipment and traffic and dust and noise and smells, my squirrel and chipmunk populations just completely disappeared.  Last summer, the fox squirrels returned, followed by a couple of the smaller red squirrels.  This year the chipmunks returned and a less common black squirrel arrived.

photo 3

The feisty red squirrels have been having a field day tormenting my cats. They will scamper up close to the windows in the kitchen or on the upper deck and will just chip and scold the cats relentlessly for 15 minutes at a time, all the while shaking their tails. The cats, to their credit, simply watch and whimper, only occasionally pawing the glass and throwing themselves against the barrier when their tormentors get really close.

photo 2

It’s a good thing these are indoor cats or they’d be enjoying squirrel-burger sandwiches every night.

(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.