Caesar & the Little Rain Room

by Cat Crazy


Nearly all of my cats have been fascinated by the shower.  As I showered, Winston, my first red tiger, used to walk around the rim of the ancient claw-footed tub that was in a great Victorian-era house I lived in and once slipped off and fell into the shower with me. Now that was a scary experience. The water was pouring from the shower head, and I was unclothed with a thrashing, sharp-clawed cat in the tub between me and the faucet I was trying desperately to shut off. He was unable to figure out how to get away from the water and I was scared of being sliced while I tried to help him find an exit.

Tiggin, my sweet mackerel tabby, used to wait right outside the shower. When I’d emerge with a towel wrapped around, I was expected to pick her up and hold her while she scrubbed the skin on my shoulders vigorously with her tongue. Honestly, it’s a wonder I still have any skin left in that part of my body.  I guess she felt that soap and water were a poor substitute for cat spit.

And now dear Caesar Tiger Bear sits outside the shower while I clean up. If the shower curtain is a little open on the side away from the spray, he will stand up on his back legs, put his paws on the edge of the tub, and peer in.  I suppose it must be a really puzzling thing that humans have somehow managed to bring rain INSIDE the house.  He seems fascinated with “little rain room” although mercifully he’s not one to lick me clean after I emerge.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.