Kālī the Destroyer

by Cat Crazy

photo 5

Being very clever as well as devious, Macaroni (aka Kālī the Destroyer) has devised a new way to torment the human, who is working long hours with no break.  There’s a soft kitty bed with an even softer blanket  just to the left of my keyboard on my desk. The kitty bed looks out on the yard and all its wildlife.  Mac often curls up with her unicorn toy and sleeps there for hours at a time…or at least she used to do that.

Recently, she’s been wandering over to my work area — ostensibly to get a hug and a cuddle.  However, once here, she wants to stomp on my computer keyboard and phone keypad, and head-butt piles of paper that surround my work area. She also has shown keen interest in exploring the area behind my flat-screen monitor and the area where one of my power strips/surge protectors and modem reside — decidedly NOT good ideas!

No matter how many times I pick her up and hug her and try to type 1-handed, she wants to get down and explore the environs and generally wreck havoc. It seems to be in her DNA.  I can temporarily distract her by getting up and going out to the kitchen for a drink of water or opening up the door to the screened-in porch, but that only buys me a few minutes to a few hours of quiet. Before I know it, she’s back doing her best Annoying Cat impression.

Ever resourceful, a few days back I picked up a large CD carrying case and set it (as a barrier) between her area and mine.  For a few days, that worked well. Unfortunately, as you’ll see in the images below, she has simply learned to scale the precipice.

photo 3

First, she pretends to sniff the CD case. <<What is this interesting obstacle in my path?>>

photo 1

Note how she tries to distract me as she climbs up the side of the case by pretending to look outside? <<HA! I know just what you are about, Missy!>>

photo 5

See the mischievous glee that lights up her face as she turns back to the work at hand?

photo 4

Quick as a wink, she’s over the barricade and heading off to stomp on my keyboard.  <<Argh!  So much for that brilliant idea. I guess I’m going to have to create a better barricade!>>


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.