The Challenges of Trying to Hold Bedding in Place

by Cat Crazy

photo 2

The silly human has this annoying tendency to want to make a bed as soon as she vacates it.  However, we really like to lay down in the spot she has just left, which is still warm and smells like her.

photo 3

She tries to make the bed around us anyway, so sometimes we have to call in reinforcements.  It’s not easy holding the bedding in place. That’s when we try to look cute.

photo 1

It generally works as she’s easily distracted. Before you know it, she’s walking around, snapping pictures on that annoying phone of hers. We get to stay put, but we have to endure the flash going off.  However, before you feel any pity for her, don’t! She has her own trick for distracting us:  she walks out of the bedroom and downstairs. We follow, of course, knowing breakfast and our morning snack are forthcoming.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.