Water Aerobics (or Return of Splashasaurus)

by Cat Crazy

photo 3This is always a tough time of the year work wise. I’m often on the keyboard from 7:00 am until 9:30 pm 7 days a week. Of course, that doesn’t always go over well with my feline captors, who think they should get some of my time and attention too.  And heaven forbid I be still working when the fur furs think that I should be dispensing the evening snacks.

The last 2 weeks have seen a very energetic return of Splashasaurus, the Merkitty. Instead of making small floods to the right of the water bowl, she’s been dousing the floor on 3 sides of the elevated bowls as though trying to bail water from a sinking boat.  And she does this 3-4x per day. Needless to say, the busy human is not amused.

Having tried towels and dish-drying pads of various sizes under the elevated water bowl to no avail, in exasperation and a small amount of desperation, I decided to recycle a large plastic bag that had held corn-cob litter. It’s not pretty, but it’s big enough to cover the area under the bowls and their rack, plus a good amount of space on all four sides around the bowls.  It’s also tough enough plastic that those clever little paws can’t drag the plastic out from under the bowls (as had recently been happening with the dish-drying pads, which I often found at right angles to their original position come morning).

For a few days, there was examination and contemplation and the area stayed pretty dry. (You can almost see the wheels turning in her head. If she played chess, she’d be a champion.) Then my clever little minx started climbing up on top of the rack (see her in action above) and bailing for all she was worth. I still have floods, but now the majority of the water stays on the plastic bag and puddles under the bowls.  And sure enough, the Merkitty will occasionally climb off the rack only to stick her wet paws under the rack and play with the water on the bag.  She is such a unique individual!

So, anyone else ever had a Merkitty?  What did you try to keep your floors dry?  Did anything work?  I’m looking for suggestions here.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.