by Cat Crazy

IMG_0720Silly me thinking that I’d actually solved a problem by finding a nice big soft mat that would keep the water aerobics off the floor.  Admittedly, the household water-monster has not (yet) flooded the floor around the new mat nor has she flooded the mat itself. However, what she has done is move her antics upstairs to the water bowl on the second floor.

Pretty much all week around 4 a.m. the little vixen has pulled the water bowl around on the floor.  This is a heavy ceramic water bowl whose bottom is unglazed, so moisture can bleed through. I typically keep a washcloth or small towel under the bowl just to soak up the small amount of moisture that does seep through the bottom.  Well, the Merkitty has been hooking her claws into the fabric under the bowl and pulling the fabric, thereby dragging the bowl around on the floor. Yesterday she made a very serious flood, not only completely soaking the cloth but also spilling water on the whole floor surrounding the vinyl placemat on which the water and crunchies bowls sit.

So, for her redirect, she gets the point this week and that cancels out the point I got for finding the cute rubber mat.  I think I am going to invest in another elevated set of bowls and get another rubber mat for upstairs.

I wonder what her counter-move will be?



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