Return of Secret Schmoo

by Cat Crazy

photo 1

The temperatures have been lower and the little Red Comet has returned to one of his favorite hiding places — under a big comforter that is tossed over the banister upstairs.

Actually at one time or another, all three of these cats love to go under there. You find yourself walking down the hall and you see a strange lump bulging out of the side of  the fabric, or an errant foot or tail sticking out from under the edge of the cloth and you know that some four-legged is hiding there.  If you really want to try your luck, as you walk downstairs, you quietly lift a corner of the comforter that hangs on that side of the banister and there you might see a secret schmoo, who generally will be greatly unhappy that his or her hiding place has been discovered — and by the silly human no less!  Macaroni, the Merkitty, has been known to hiss when her den has been invaded by the human’s face and fingers.

photo 2

Yesterday, I spied the tell-tale (or should that be tell-tail) lump, so snuck downstairs, grabbed my phone, and came back and caught Fireball in his hidey-hole.  He seemed to take his home invasion in stride.  On the other hand, he loves it when I play hide-‘n-seek with my fingers between the rails.  As you can see from the scratch marks in that ancient wood, many of my cat have enjoyed the same game over the two decades I’ve lived here.

photo 3



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