A Personal Offering

by Cat Crazy

photo 3

Caesar Tiger Bear has been especially generous most days of the past week.  After we have our breakfast and some play time, the human heads to the salt mines (aka the office) and pretty much is lost until late evening.  That means the kitties have to entertain themselves, or come visit the human if they want any fun.  Annoying Cat comes in and tries to stomp on the keyboard, and Fireball often makes a secret cave out of the space behind the other desk, but Caesar has a kinder, gentler way of letting the human knows he’s thinking about her.

Each morning, about 2 hours after the human enters her work cave, there is the resounding pitter-patter of big kitty paws on the stairs.  This is accompanied by a low soft cry. (Such a small voice for such a big cat!)  At first the human rushed out thinking someone had gotten hurt or was about to hurl his or her breakfast, but now she recognizes the sound as alerting her that a great jungle hunter has returned with meat.  Granted, this is the best kind of meat that a silly vegetarian could ask for:  a cat toy (with or without its string) is offered just outside the office door.

The human has learned to walk slowly and quietly to the edge of her door and peer our. There sits the recumbent emperor looking ever so proud for having vanquished yet another dastardly toy mouse. Such a good kitty!  He gets lots of pets and hugs and kisses. He then retires for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon, his day’s work done.

This little game works great if all the human is doing is writing or editing. However, one day this past week she had an early morning conference call.  As she was talking to a number of serious business types around the world, that mournful cry was heard throughout the house. Since the human didn’t come to acknowledge the proffered gift, the cry just kept getting louder. <<Doesn’t she know what I’ve brought her?>> (I’ll just talk louder and hope the others don’t hear, thinks the human.)  Ah well, no harm done either way.



(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.