Water Wars Redux

by Cat Crazy

photo 2
I’d really like to report that water wars are over, but that would not be the truth.  I’d like to say that all my problems were solved when I found those large soft rubber mats to place under the elevated food/water bowls.  Alas, the Merkitty has simply worked harder to throw water out further on the floor.

photo 3

I eventually went back to using an absorbent dish-drying pad under the bowls and on top of the grey mat, but she’s found a way to toss water out beyond that as well.  However, the human has a new tactic:  she’s simply ignoring the mess. That was really more a necessity at the peak of craziness at work a few weeks back, but the fact that I remained non-reactive to water on the floor seems to have caused the Merkitty to dial back her splashy antics. Hey, whatever works, works right?




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