Working for Your Snack

by Cat Crazy

photo 1I read in some holistic pet blog that for all our efforts to feed our pets species-appropriate foods, give them lots of fresh water, exercise and entertainment, and of course tons of love that the biggest thing missing from their meals and their lives is the opportunity to hunt for their food. The blogger recommended hiding bits of their food and letting them go hunt for it.

Well, hiding food while they watch kind of defeats the purpose, and sneaking around and hiding tidbits when they aren’t around requires more planning and time than I have at this time of the year. Besides, I don’t want to create a vector for insects to venture forth and carry off kitty snacks.  Nonetheless, ever the faithful servant, I thought and thought about how I could add a little exercise and hunting opportunities for the fur-furs.

photo 1What I decided to do was to toss their freeze-dried meat snacks around during breakfast snack time and let them chase them down. Fireball, who’ll do nearly anything for food, got into the game right away, but the other two simply stared at me in disbelief. Caesar Tiger Bear was almost indignant. <<You want me to do what?>> Macaroni decided she wasn’t going to get a snack and left in a huff to eat from the soft-food bowl.

I’ve been playing this game now for several weeks and I must say that everyone has adapted and gotten into the spirit of things. Fireball still gets the most snacks, as he dashes ever so competitively after anything that’s tossed and quickly inhales it in typical Little Red Hoover fashion. I’m happy to report that Caesar is getting quite competitive himself and competes with Fireball to chase tossed snacks or to take snacks away from the still not so excited Merkitty.  Nice to know they can burn some calories and have a bit of fun while entertaining the human as well.

photo 3


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.