Up Close & Personal

by Cat Crazy

IMG_1999The little red bee climbed on top of me last night while I was trying to read a book. When he wants attention, he wants attention:  pets, fur brushing, hugs, cuddles, cooing, the works.   He curls up and is such a little cuddle muffin, often falling asleep millimeters from my face so that his curly whiskers tickle me as he breathes.

I apparently did not pet-brush-hug-coo for long enough to cause him to nod off. Instead, I had the audacity to return to the book I was reading.


Up bounced the baby comet trying to get my attention again. I tucked the book away and wondered if I could photograph him that close to my face.


Sure enough, as soon as I took it out and activated the photography app, he started nuzzling it.  Well, I did manage to get a couple of cute images before he was in motion again, checking out other more interesting things than a recumbent human.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.