Uninvited Guest

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2009I must confess that autumn has been my favorite season for ages.  And one of my favorite things to do this time of year is cook and eat winter squash and pumpkins. I also like to decorate inside and out with odd-shaped and -colored members of the Cucurbita family.  Not only does it make my house look seasonally festive, but either I or the wildlife get to feast on the decorations after awhile.

I generally purchase some fanciful pumpkins and winter squash or even odd gourds to put on each step of my deck stairs.  After several weeks, the squirrels and/or the chipmunks generally tunnel into the squash and eat all the seeds, much to the delight of the watching kitties, who follow their antics from a nearby window. Then the herd of deer, which daily wanders through my yard, eats the rest of the squash.  That means I can generally count on the wildlife to clean up my outdoor decorations for me.  But at least I have those decorations for 4-6 weeks to enjoy.

Well, a few days ago I purchased 2 fancy pumpkins (one white, one blue-grey) and a pink & blue-grey squash and placed them on 3 of my 4 deck steps. I was trying to decide if I was going to grace the top stair with a small orange pumpkin or go look for another strangely shaped warty squash.  However, before my aesthetic decisions were finalized, yesterday afternoon an uninvited guest who also visits my deck almost every day, came by and ate large chunks of the curcubits after dragging them off their steps. This is the work of a very — shall we say — Rubenesque woodchuck (groundhog) having a last hurrah before he or she goes into hibernation for the winter.  The kitties get very excited (or is that aggitated) every time he/she shows up to eat bird seed under my feeders and near their perch.


Looks like I’ll be buying more pumpkins for my deck.  Since the warty blue-grey one had the least amount of damage, perhaps it didn’t taste so good to the woodchuck. I’ll have to see about getting more in that color scheme


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.