Cat Hammock: Preferred by Hidey Cats Near & Far

by Cat Crazy


Of all the special purchases I’ve made for the kitties in the last two-and-a-half years, I think their favorite and my own has to be a cleverly designed cat hammock that attaches to the underside of 4 chair legs or possibly a small table.  One side of the hammock is rip-stop nylon and the other side is plush fleece, making it washable, soft, and nearly indestructible.  The roughly square fabric features a long woven nylon strap coming off each corner that has a rubberized elastomer on the end closest to the hammock and either Velcro hooks or loops on the other (depending on side of strap), plus a plastic buckle to help secure it. You simply decide which side you want up, lay the hammock under a chair that has 4 legs and no support structure in between. You then attach one strap after another until all are on tightly and your hammock is suspended.


I liked my first hammock so much that I ended up purchasing a second.  They even come in 3 different colors on the ripstop nylon side, should you or your cats care.  I know all cats use the hammocks based on the broad range of fur colors they leave behind.  I often find Mac the Merkitty hanging out there staring back at me — all the better when I’m willing to drape a towel or kitty blanket over the front edge of the chair so she can amuse herself with the idea that she is hidden.  The meows often drag their favorite kitty toys into the hammock and leave them there — presumably for safe keeping.  This is such a clever way to add excellent hiding spots for our fur friends in otherwise unused space.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.