Woodgie the Woodchuck: Vanquisher of Pumpkins

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2014And here is my round woodchuck pal eating away at my fall decorations.  As you can see, he or she has done a remarkable job in a short amount of time.


So much for him or her not liking the blue-grey warty pumpkin.


Given the rapacious way the wildlife has consumed my flowers, vegetables, fruits, and now decorations this year, it’s tempting to suppose we are in for another really hard winter.


While the kitties don’t care overly much about the pumpkins that are rapidly disappearing off my steps, they do care about what they perceive as invaders to “their yard.”


Let me tell you, this large, plump creature gets a lot of excited stares from the kitchen window beside the deck, particularly when he or she is right underneath them eating birdseed that has fallen from the feeders that hang next to the windows.



(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.