New Plush Blankies

by Cat Crazy

Plush BlanketsOkay, it’s been beastly cold…so cold that the usually overly warm human has been complaining. But she had a coupon and a plan. It was time to go dig through the remnants bin at the local fabric store and see if there might not be some plush fleece pieces that could add additional warmth to kitty beds. As luck would have it the remnants bin, which already is 50% off the usual price of the fabric, had a pre-Thanksgiving sale with an additional 50% taken off the marked price. That meant fleece at 75% off.  The human bought a whole bunch of small pieces in bright, fun colors and patterns and distributed them to kitty cuddles around the house. So far, the reception among the 4-legged clan has been quite positive. Now the kitties are better prepared for cold weather, not that they don’t love fleece at any time of year, and the human is cheered by all the bright colors lying about.

Plush Blankets2


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.