Hallalujah! New Breakfast Foods!!

by Cat Crazy


It appears that the silly human has finally managed to find some new breakfast foods that are not just “acceptable” but rather are “enjoyable” — extremely so.  Hallalujah!  The kitties have been enjoying them so much, that breakfast bowls have been flying across the floor more at the speed of a game of hockey than shuffle puck. And for better or worse, it appears that Macaroni has taught Fireball how to snag hunks of wet food directly from the bowl and eat them off his paws.  Of course, with both he and Mac repeatedly pulling the bowl out from under each other (and Caesar if he’s not at a different bowl), and then swiping a paw full of wet food out of the bowl, the kitchen floor quickly becomes a real mess.

Here’s a typical breakfast sequence. Fireball reaches in and snags a pawful of food.  (Note that the Big Guy has wisely chosen the less popular but uncontested bowl, so he gets to eat in relative peace while the other bowl goes whizzing around on the floor.)

IMG_2154_aAs Fireball eats the food off his paw,  Mac, who has just finished her own pawful, is dipping her foot back into the bowl  so she can pull it out of her brother’s reach and grab a new hunk to eat.

IMG_2153_aNext, Mac eats off her paw and Fireball pulls the bowl away from her.  With bowl repositioned, he reaches in for another fistful as Mac finishes her latest grab.

IMG_2152_aAnd on and on it goes while the bowl or bowls move all around the kitchen floor. Breakfast is so much fun in this house.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.