Kitty Archaeologists

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2182Okay, so at their last checkups, both Caesar and Mac were given an ultimatum — or rather their human was — that they had to take off a few pounds. Mac has about 1.5 pounds to lose, and the Big Guy has at least 3.5 to take off.  Alas, to get flesh on Fireball’s skinny frame, I let the others nosh a bit too much.  So no more bottomless bowls of crunchies upstairs and down.  Needless to say, mealtime has become a much bigger deal as what they don’t eat in 30 minutes or so goes back into the refrigerator for the next 12 hours. This has been going on for several weeks already, not that I can tell if anyone has become more svelte. Time will tell I guess.


Lest you think crunchy privation is going over well…it’s not.  Whereas before the kitties were quite messy about how they ate their crunchies, grabbing a mouthful from the bowl, backing up, dropping the tidbits on the floor, and eating them there, often leaving lots of extras around just so the human’s vacuum felt like it had a raison d’être, now there is a concerted effort to clean every last bit up. Sometimes, in the quest for stray bits, they end up hooking the absorbent dish-drying pad under the water and crunchy bowls and pulling it around in the other direction to see what they can find underneath. The other night as I went upstairs to prepare for bed, I found the upstairs water and crunchy bowls completely turned upside down on the floor, which was soaked (along with the rug) with water — a recreation of which is shown above. Clearly some ambitious excavation work had been underway. Who knew I lived with kitty archaeologists?


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.