Enhance Your Furry Friend’s Life: Commit to Play with Him/Her More in the New Year

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2190Okay, the silly human read some end-of-year compilation that purported to be resolutions to make if you wanted to enhance the quality of your furry friend’s (friends’) life/lives in the new year — and who doesn’t want that?  One of the items on the list was a commitment to actively play with the 4-legged ones for an extra hour each week, because the best gift we can give them is ourselves (for dogs, yes; for cats, maybe). The author noted that it didn’t really represent a lot more time, as you could break this down into an extra 10-15 minute chunks a few times / week.  That seemed like a reasonable proposition, since it didn’t mean getting up before dawn in the cold and dark time of the year.

Well, given that 2 of my 3 darlings are on reduced rations at the moment, the idea of some extra exercise seemed to be a great idea for burning calories and having fun. So the human dug back out the laser pointer (Fireball’s obsession) and the kitty fishing pole (which Caesar loves so dearly) and she’s been having early-morning play time after breakfast and before the trio heads upstairs for some sack time. They have enthusiastically embraced the extra playtime as these photos show.


The two little ones are completely captivated with the red dot that runs along the floor and up walls. While Caesar clearly sees the red dot, and upon occasion will bend down to sniff it, he’s way too sophisticated to be caught chasing a thing such as that. But let that ragged old piece of denim fabric tied to the fishing pole suddenly appear overhead and he abandons all pretense of dignity and is quickly making impossibly graceful leaps into the air or rolling around on the ground biting it for all he’s worth. The human has to keep an eye on him as he likes to chew through string (and has done so once on the fishing pole).  Now the real trick is to operate the laser pointer with one hand, the fishing pole with the other, and then try and figure out how to take photos at the same time…silly human.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.